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sweetvalley's Journal

welcome to sweetvalley@live journal

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Sweet Valley
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What is this community all about?
-sweetvalley is dedicated to the written works created by Francine Pascal and the television adaptation "Sweet Valley High"

What series' have been published?
-Sweet Valley Kids, Sweet Valley Twin & Friends, Sweet Valley Junior Year, Sweet Valley Senior Year, Sweet Valley High, Sweet Valley University, Team Sweet Valley, The Unicorn Club & Elizabeth

What is the TV show about?
-"Sweet Valley High" is based on Francine Pascal's best-selling book series Sweet Valley High revolving around twins Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield. The show aired for 4 seasons from 1994 - 1997. The first season DVD set became available March 8th, 2005.

What is to be discussed?
-Anything relating to the Sweet Valley book series including: Sweet Valley Kids, Sweet Valley Twins, The Unicorn Club, Team Sweet Valley, Sweet Valley Jr. High, Sweet Valley High, Sweet Valley University, Elizabeth
-Anything relating to the Sweet Valley High television show
-Book sales and swapping

What is NOT to be discussed?
-Anything not related to Sweet Valley
-Any promos for your communities (unless they're Sweet Valley related)

Anything else?
- Please respect all members of the community. Any negative posting or commenting will be deleted
- Keep the conversation clean. There will be no nudity or porn of any kind
- Any large graphics or icons of 3 or more need to be behind a cut
- Affiliates and Sweet Valley links can be found in the community's sidebar

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