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The Evil Twin

This was such a good 7 part thriller!
I couldn't stop reading
I was actual trully terrified while reading the final part that I actually had trouble sleeping.
It's been a long time since I read something so scary. What makes it the best and entertaining is how subtle the danger is.
It isn't outright super natural, no super powers, no grudge held from someone Jessica or Elizabeth wronged, it was simply a random maniac happened to learn about the twins by seeing them in the paper when originally going to stay in LA.
Very nicely done.
It's so eerie lol
The one thing I had to laugh at was how she picked the wrong twin
I could see her being a better Jessica.
Margo's tastes were closer to Jess. I know it's a plot device to make friends notice a difference and even accuse The real Jess of impersonating Liz!
Which made it more thrilling and scary for me

One outright thing I laughed at was the condition of Margo's room she rented.
How Josh called her evil because she had fast food greasy trash and half eaten donuts and dirty clothes piled everywhere
That sounds like Jessica's mess of a room and if anything Margo would be a better evil Jess!

Anywayyy I really love these later Sweet Valley books I'm on now
I like longer part series that mix together like this
I'm reading Return of the Evil twin now and skipping all the other books that come in between. I have to see what else is going to happen.

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Ugh Tricia Martin

I am not really looking forward to reading "The Ghost of Tricia Martin" I've had enough of this damn girl showing up. Especially after Steven acts in the Special Edition Spring Break. Or was that Spring Fever? Which ever hosted the French girl and the Twins going to Paris for their second time (heh if you count the 6th grade trip they had ;) )
Anywho this crazy Tricia crap is going on way too much. Suddenly, lets throw another Tricia wrench into the mix. Cara ought to dump his happy ass. I would
Also it makes the news about Steven in Confidential Ten Years Later hard to swallow. Especially after how he takes this Tricia business.
Speaking of Confidential I really hope that the Sweet Life 6 books make it to paper back. :)
Of course i would have problems fitting them all on my shelf! This one bookshelf I have hosts all the books, literally! There's no room for the Sweet Life xD
I do have em on ebook buuuut I'm so old school and my collection looks so lovely on the shelves :)

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(no subject)

As I read more and more I can't help snarking at Elizabeth because she is such a frigid bitch
I have to chuckle at Confidential because she is such a big difference than she was on high school. I guess she spent the greater part of years being such a frumpasaurus that she needs to make up for it

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Super Thrillers

It's summer and the Twins are interns ...again and again and AGAIN? Despite the fact that 10 school books have passed in between...
Ok so I know the first 3 Thrillers are supposed to be supposedly the same Summer but I can't help giggle good naturedly at it ^_^
Although at least couldn't the plot be away from the Sweet Valley News area?
I'm only on Super Thriller No Place To Hide and book 51 Against The Odds
So maybe after Super Thriller 5 the thrillers seem to blend into the main series so the setting will be different.
I vaguely remember the 5th thriller when I was a kid. The girls spent their second summer interns at the News again
Brings back great memories though :)

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(no subject)

So far every other book since Prince Albert has appeared he is either a Golden Retriever or a Lab.
Since Kate William has written these or so it claims , why can't she get it straight?
Lol I'm more partial to Golden Retrievers, labs aren't my favourites at all

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Waiting sucks

Like Jessica Wakefield says waiting is one of the 7 deadly sins
I have a few big book lots of SV senior, kids and university coming along with the last couple University, Kids, Seniors and now one Svh book, Spring Fever! I discovered I never actually owned that one!
It's about 17 total shipments. Shame that I couldn't obtain the last couple books all from one seller on amazon! It would of made things quicker!
I'm hitting Vegas in June with my brother and our friends and my boyfriend and I am bringing a bunch of Sweet Valley books for the road trip.
I'm thinking to bring The Wakefields, The Patmans and the Elizabeth/Jessica Diaries since they are so BIG

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The Unicorn Club

Do these stand alone or do they tie in with Twins and Friends at all?
I ask because even though each book could be read individually sometimes they mention major plot spoilers in the books published in the future.
I actually had a Baby Sitters Club Mystery Plot spoiled when the girls mentioned the key plot in one of the regular series.

I organise my Sweet Valley by publication and I fit super specials, thrillers, Diaries all with in the 1-148 series
I'm actually glad I did because the situation with Todd comes up in Perfect Christmas and I'd been so bummed to learn that plot spoiler lol

I think the creators feel the same way since later on the series it actually gives two cliff hangers of find out in Sweet Valley #
And will so and so figure the truth? Find out in Super Special #

Also I am aware this community is kind of dead
I hope to rekindle the flames!
I loved this series as a kid and am close to getting the rest of them
25 more Seniors
54 more Kids now

I'm bummed the Sweet Life isn't on paperback yet!
Only iPad or kindle
I am over 600 books of this! I would like the final 6 in my shelves lol

teasing not pleasing

SVH/SVU/BSC books for sale

Hello all! I have several books for sale (I'm open to trades, but I generally am looking for the foreign language or foreign editions right now). I have pictures of all the books, but I'll try to do my best to honestly describe them. Make me an offer on any of the books and we'll see what kind of deal we can strike. Since this is a new thing for me, I only ship to the U.S. and you pay for shipping (but I won't tack on any extra handling charges b/c I always hate that on ebay). I'll only accept paypal right now, but if that's not doable for you, let me know and I'm sure we can work something out. If you have any questions or would like to see a pic of any of the books, leave me a comment or you can contact me at
x-posted to bsc_trade

#6- Dangerous Love- binding worn/address label inside of front cover
#13- Kidnapped- creases on the cover
#15- Promises- good condition, stamp inside the front cover
#18- Head Over Heels- slight crease on front cover, otherwise good condition
#21- Runaway- appears to be water damaged-  I'll throw it in for free if you order something else
#22- Too Much in Love- crease on front cover
#23- Say Goodbye- VG condition
#24- Memories- tape residue, but otherwise good condition
#25- Nowhere to Run- crease on back cover, but otherwise good condition
#38- Leaving Home- starting to peel around binding
#54- Two-Boy Weekend- (2 copies)- black spot on binding and sticker torn some color off cover/copy 2 has crease in front cover
#96- The Arrest- VG condition
#99- Beware the Baby-Sitter- VG condition
#102- Almost Married- slight crease on front cover, but otherwise VG condition
A Killer on Board (Super Thriller)- looks like a dog might have bit the top of the book
Stranger in the House (Super Thriller)- cover has a prison bar missing and one loose (makes sense if you see the cover)

SVH senior year
#9- The One That Got Away- VG condition, but ex-library, so has plastic coating on cover
#17- Backstabber- binding slightly broken, but otherwise VG condition

#7- Good-bye to Love- VG condition
#8- Home for Christmas- binding slightly broken, but otherwise good condition
#25- Busted!- rip on back cover and sticker took off color off the cover
#34- Spy Girl- binding slightly broken, name in front cover, but otherwise good condition
#41- Escape to New York- VG condition, but ex-library, so has plastic coating on cover
#54- Rush Week- back cover has corners missing and binding broken
Face It (Super Edition)- imperfections on the cover, but otherwise good condition
Wanted for Murder (Thriller Edition)- binding slightly broken, but otherwise good condition
The Roommate (Thriller Edition)- VG condition
Running for Her Life (Thriller Edition)- cover has creases and binding slightly broken
What Winston Saw (Thriller Edition)- slight crease on front cover and binding slightly broken

SV Twins
#87- The Mother-Daughter Switch- VG condition

BSC (old covers)
#2- Claudia and the Phantom Phone Call- crease on front cover, but otherwise good condition
#5- Dawn and the Impossible Three- cover has a small rip on back cover and otherwise not great cover condition
#9- The Ghost at Dawn's House- name sticker on first page and slight rip to binding
#10- Logan Likes Mary Anne!- small rip in cover
#15- Little Miss Stoneybrook... and Dawn- crease on front cover
#17- Mary Anne's Bad-Luck Mystery- corner missing on cover
#18- Stacey's Mistake- VG condition
#19- Claudia and the Bad Joke- creases in the cover
#20- Kristy and the Walking Disaster- spot on the corner of the cover/sticker residue
#24- Kristy and the Mother's Day Surprise- creases on the cover
#46- Mary Anne Misses Logan- slight blemish on the binding
#52- Mary Anne + 2 Many Babies- creases on the cover

(new cover)
#34- Mary Anne and Too Many Boys- VG condition

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