Lila (ladyjavert) wrote in sweetvalley,

Finally done with "Sweet Valley High"

Argh. After Earthquake/Aftershock I seriously want to punch someone. Who thought this was a good manuscript? I get the fact that they were trying to be in line with the quake that hit L.A in 1998 but geeez. It's a book, it's a very un-likely fairy-talesh town! It's supposed to be cute and sweet and unrealistic, or at least for at least 120 books and specials it was. Suddenly we shifted in the world and everything had to become super emo/depression in the media and even Sweet Valley was infected.
I get that not everything can be 'perfect' but geez. Entertainment should at least be a little upbeat and escape-worthy. Get a little lost into a fantasy-land for an hour or two sort of thing. :( Plus how their town is totally destroyed and all the places are gone like the Beach Disco, Dairi Burger, and the Wakefields home. That hurt me so much. It's like the places are "real" to me after all this time reading the book series.
I was crying a lot more in Aftershock, especially with the Olivia moments and Ken/Jessica. But jeez. Most of the rich people digs in this series is really kind of getting on my nerves. It's like the ghostwriters make every rich person have issues or evil/cold with exception of Nicholas Morrow and that Prince Laurent guy. And every time Lila or Jessica has a moment of trying to be a little more deeper or kinder they just end up going back to their older selves. Which is kind of a let down. I like them and Enid (kind of) and Todd too but jeez. Todd becomes more possessive and nasty as the series goes on and he's more of a hotheaded guy while Liz bcomes a bigger cheat and sneak then Jessica ever was and has a cheat sheet a mile long =(

Anyway, I think I"m going to just skip Senior Year for now. I think I need more light and fun with Sweet Valley Twins and Friends.

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