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This book is so sad :(
Who thought ruining the Twins 17th birthday and an earthquake that destroys their home and the brand new jeep was a good story plot?
AND Olivia! Okay so she was never my favourite but it is still very sad :(

And Devon! Wow what a jerk :/ and I thought Elizabeth was a jerk for cheating on Todd multiple times in this series but this Devon business is low
I don't think I will ever like Liz again :/

Kay so this is Turning into a multiple book post now

Was I the only one who was put off by Enid Rollins at Prom? She had the nerve to be superficial about Tad "Blubber" and then have the nerve to be snide about Jessica and Lilas rate the boys thing.
Even Elizabeth and Maria find it is totally okay for Enid and themselves to be superficial about Tad and a few other jocks but it's end of the world for Jessica or any of her friends to judge.

I for one thought tad was sweet, how he was shy around Enid and was making so much courage to talk to her at prom committee

Speaking of prom, why the second big OMG sad prom?
I miss the happy days of before book 101 when things were usually pretty sweet

I am almost done with the series. Took me a whole year, I kind of got out of sync with the books after The Evil Twin.
That arc was so much fun!
Everything else fell flat after.

But I got back into the beat of things.

I'm wondering if I will start Twins next after this.
I have Senior Year but if things are going to continue down this SUPER DEPRESSING path , I might need a rain check on Senior Year!
The books don't look very friendly with the black spines and the schools joining and certain old cast not being mentioned.
Also is that Liz on the first book on Senior Year? She looks majorly angry in an Emo kid way.

Anyway I am going to finish earthquake and cry some more :(
Seriously. I am tearjerky with this one!

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