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Book 132 Once Upon A Time

While I do enjoy the way the series has gone after the Evil Twin arc and I suppose its because if I remember right, when Evil Twin came out the shift in series books had changed - people liked the more scary and suspenseful books - Baby Sitters Club put in Mystery books, Fear Street was booming with the Sagas and the regular series, Ghosts ofFear Street hit for the younger crowd and so of course Sweet Valley had to kind of make that shift too. Which I like a lot, even though from book 101 and on some of them were hit and miss.
I did love the Sue Gibbons arc and the Death Valley ones. I kind of had to remind myself that these books were trying to rival the trend in those years when I read yet ANOTHER series of "People trying to kill the Wakefields" in the Fashion arc. We have: Evil Twin, the London series, Sue Gibbons, a plastic surgeon, escaped convicts, a deranged vengeful parole breaker, Evil Twins, Violence amongst the students, a random guy at a camp, a Vampire, people who kidnapped Jessica and Lila, deranged magazine writer and book 132, it seems like the people on the train that the twins meet are seeming to be thieves or stalkers?

I don't know yet.  But it is fun. I've been taking more breaks in between the books because all this suspenseful nature makes me want to re-read Fear Street books lol

But anyway, one line that I had to lovingly and respectfully make some fun at was this:

"I have never been to France" say the twins. "We just happened to suffer amesia and totally forgotten the time we spent in France on a Spring Break and had a host go to our house and hit Steven as a deadringer for Trisha! Oh and the time we had a brush with a killer when we were 12 years of age when we ran all around Paris!"

^__^ heehee.
Maybe they had their memories wiped from an event by Chromie the Dragon (World of Warcraft reference! Hehe)
They'd certainly NEED some divine interference, these girls and their friends have made SO Many brushes with death and killers that half of Sweet Valley would be scared to leave their houses and most of the parents wouldn't let their kids out of the house!

But I do like both parts, which I like to refere to as 1-94 the "Regular School Series" and 95-143 the "Mystery and Suspenseful Series"

I do find it really aggravating though that so many times Jessica meets someone then suddenly its "No more" like the Ryder guy in Manhatten, the CEO of the Flair Magazine, the Earl or whoever he was in the London arc.
All of those people she met had the power to pursue the relationship past the end,and I knowww its totally supposed to be "Jessica really never settles down, or keeps a boyfriend" But still!!!! I loved Ryder and "Cameron Smith". They were so sweet! =/

Well, anyway, back to reading =)
I totally love these books ^___^
I've liked these ever since the days of my youth when a friend showed me the books and said "LOOK someone has your name!" and I was like "What?!" and even though Lila was a cheater, I couldn't help but have to like her! (Same-sy name-sy was my thought back then. I was eight years old ^_^ )
(My First Book was Elizabeth's Broken Arm from the KIDS Series)


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