Lila (ladyjavert) wrote in sweetvalley,

Complaining about Elizabeth

Gosh she's such a bitch.
"Miss I am so moralistic but I cheat on Todd every 4 books or so or I act like super butch bitch and give feminism and butch girls a bad name every other book."

I got to book 127
I've been reading this series for a year now.

Margo kind of killed my streak of reading though! So I took a break from the books.

She killed it because nothing felt right after The Evil Twin!

It was so gripping, and edge of my seat in an entertaining way. I really enjoyed the feelings I got from reading those 6.

and I loved her craziness too!

It's almost been a complete year since reading her arc.
But now I'm getting back into the series!

And wishing Margo killed off super bitch Elizabeth.
Elizabeth's antics in the Camp series and now the vampires book

Anyway I gotta run, wish I could type more but My friend is done her appointment early and I was reading this Dance of Death 127 and had to pause to LJ to complain about Elizabwth lol


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