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Junior high and Senior year

For anyone wanting to get into these, don't

I found the complete Jr high on eBay for 19.99 plus 7.99 shipping
$29 buck?! Hell yes

And I found 75% of the Senior books for 30. Double the hell yes!

But now I say hell no lol

Maybe if this was called Sweet Valley Tweenagers at 9 to 12

And Sweet Valley Hello Freshman Year I could stand it

For one thing in the Junior High everyone looks like a child on the front cover
Yes yes I know. They are children! Buuuut hear me out!
Lila Fowler in The Unicorn Club Lila On The Loose age she appears is 14.
Jessica (I assume that's Jess on the cover) looks 13 or 14.
The boys they are dancing with look 14 (Lila's boy is 15 I thnk in the book)

Every kid on Jr Year looks 12.

Jessica's Secret: SV 42
Jessica the Theif SV 67
Stevens Enemy SV 82

Jess looks way older than any of the Jess's on Jr Year

Senior year the look is freshman
Especially whomever that skinny emo twin is on Cant Stay Away
Looks like blonde Avril Lavigne of 1999

Which is waaaay different than the older look of the girls on Double love

Or Perfect Summer

And oh god "What Jessica Wants" she looks like an old secretary bimbo (why did they make them ugly on the 3rd book cover remakes is beyond me)

Now for added laughs check out The first College cover
They look really older

So how do we get What Jessica Wants aged Jess
To Senior year Jess (I assume that's emo girl on the first cover that is supposed to be Jess)
It's like old young back to old.

I won't spoil anything with the content

But boy do they act immature in Senior Year
I mean my god these are girls who went to London, who worked as interns for countless summers!

Same for Jr High
I especially love Liz and Jess complaining and Jess fighting with Lila and Lacey
Also for bonus points: since when did Mr Fowler know Jessica to the point of "I haven't seen you around Jess. Lila is upstairs"
Lila/Jess fight in "She's back!" Makes me think they are 10 instead of 14
Also the girls in Jr High are supposed to be the same self assured and smart girls who worked at a daycare during Unicorn Club?

I get they were made in the 2000s
I suppose they were dumbed down to meet the Jr and Senior kids of the 2000s
I guessed that since me And my friends in Jr high were baby sitter material
Today's JR high girls are still being babysat for (no lie, my moms day care still watches 5th graders )

Anyway! I would not recommend those 2 book series in the Sweet Valley world.

Heck I might even call Senior Year the Real Jr high year and
Jr high the 5th Grade adventures
That senior grad book seems to fit in better as a graduation to high school book
Especially since Jess is scared to graduate!
In the university books she is all for College

Anyway there's my two cents in those two series

Anyone else feel the same/different?
Your turn! :)


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