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Margo? Is that you?

Just some funny observations I made in the Sweet Valley series since the Margo mini series
Liz acts so UnLiz like after.
We have the Mini series where Liz suggests Todd stay over (there's half of Margo's plan to make Liz more naughty)
Then Liz starts having feelings for Bruce Patman (hey another Margo plan! Bruce was Margo's choice for a boyfriend for new Liz)
Then to make things a little more skeptical Liz makes out wth Bruce. (Liz! You hate Bruce remember?)
To add more to this , Liz treats Todd meanly in this mini series

Lets go to the whole Werewolf series now
Liz cheats on Todd with Luke
I didn't read the next 2 werewolf books because it was so BORING.

Next we have Sue Gibbons mini series
Liz acts like a freakasaurus over her mistake with Luke
Then flips out at Todd for having the same kind of fling
Then she overhauls the feminazi thing

Okay okay so this is kind of redeeming the old Liz personality
But then we have Liz liking Sue and giving Sue excuses for her excessiveness (hmm. Liz hates people who are fragrantly wealthy. Lila Fowler is hated by Liz but Margo favored Lila and wanted Lila for Liz's new best friend)

Then the cheerleaders mini series
My god Liz is sure sneaky and downright slutty in this one.
Okay okay so she never got over Ken.
But come on, not telling Todd? Granted this happened before Margo ever came to town but still
Liz impersonates Jess. Makes out with Ken
(Margo found Todd boring anyway. Maybe this is Margo Liz getting rid of the Toddster, plus Liz would of just came out and apologized. And not get suckered into being a cheerleader!)

Yes yes I know, ghost writers flubbed up!
But it's quite entertaining to laugh at the Margolike traits this new Liz is showing

I can't wait for Murder in paradise which is my next one I'm reading
Then the Death Valley bit then the College visit.
No wonder we have Return of the Evil Twin next!
With all those crazy Liz personality difference s I bet readers needed reassurance that Margo didn't win all along and it was Liz pushed out the window lol

I'm looking forward to seeing any other eye raising antics from Liz!


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