Lila (ladyjavert) wrote in sweetvalley,

F Regina Morrow

I'm reading Jessica's Secret Diary and I'm so tired/annoyed with hearing about Regina and the poor tragic hero she is.
She's a weakling who died from drugs. That's not a hero.
Meanwhile we've heard the worst about Tricia Martin- she's no good on account of her sister and father
Oh and let's not forget that Tricia lost her mother to death and that's why Betsy is screwed up and drinks-does drugs-parties
And Jessica and everyone else is an asshole to Betsy and Tricia. There's no "poor thing her mother died" for Betsy
But oh fricking no! If you are Regina morrow whose boyfriend breaks up with her and you hang out with losers and do coke, you are a tragic hero.
Ugh. Give me a break. Like having a tragedy of your boyfriend dumping you is the best reason to do coke
I'd accept Betsys reason before Regina and even hers is no excuse either.
Gotta love the Wakefield Girls Double Standards.


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