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Unicorns = Swingers? Lol

must share this crazy info from Cosmo Latina that I read today in the salon:

According to the magazine a girl who goes to a swingers club unaccompanied by a guy is called a unicorn and are more than welcome


I really got a laugh.
All I thought about was "The Unicorn Club" naturally

Hope everyone got a chuckle or two out of this
(Pg 118 of Summer Edition of Cosmo Latina if anyone cares to check this for themselves xD I am not making this up)
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The Unicorn Strip Club

Place is closed but I got a laugh out of the knowledge that one existed! Haha

Even better, a commenter by the name of Janet S. Is on there!
Guess Janet grew up and made a strip club! Ah ha ha

The people who comment about it and how it works is funny too.
It sounds like the club is diffetent from other strip clubs and the way it's "different" makes it like its "trying to be exclusive", and makes me laugh because it is almost like Janet's personality and how she acted with The Unicorns
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Finally done with "Sweet Valley High"

Argh. After Earthquake/Aftershock I seriously want to punch someone. Who thought this was a good manuscript? I get the fact that they were trying to be in line with the quake that hit L.A in 1998 but geeez. It's a book, it's a very un-likely fairy-talesh town! It's supposed to be cute and sweet and unrealistic, or at least for at least 120 books and specials it was. Suddenly we shifted in the world and everything had to become super emo/depression in the media and even Sweet Valley was infected.
I get that not everything can be 'perfect' but geez. Entertainment should at least be a little upbeat and escape-worthy. Get a little lost into a fantasy-land for an hour or two sort of thing. :( Plus how their town is totally destroyed and all the places are gone like the Beach Disco, Dairi Burger, and the Wakefields home. That hurt me so much. It's like the places are "real" to me after all this time reading the book series.
I was crying a lot more in Aftershock, especially with the Olivia moments and Ken/Jessica. But jeez. Most of the rich people digs in this series is really kind of getting on my nerves. It's like the ghostwriters make every rich person have issues or evil/cold with exception of Nicholas Morrow and that Prince Laurent guy. And every time Lila or Jessica has a moment of trying to be a little more deeper or kinder they just end up going back to their older selves. Which is kind of a let down. I like them and Enid (kind of) and Todd too but jeez. Todd becomes more possessive and nasty as the series goes on and he's more of a hotheaded guy while Liz bcomes a bigger cheat and sneak then Jessica ever was and has a cheat sheet a mile long =(

Anyway, I think I"m going to just skip Senior Year for now. I think I need more light and fun with Sweet Valley Twins and Friends.
Bun hair


This book is so sad :(
Who thought ruining the Twins 17th birthday and an earthquake that destroys their home and the brand new jeep was a good story plot?
AND Olivia! Okay so she was never my favourite but it is still very sad :(

And Devon! Wow what a jerk :/ and I thought Elizabeth was a jerk for cheating on Todd multiple times in this series but this Devon business is low
I don't think I will ever like Liz again :/

Kay so this is Turning into a multiple book post now

Was I the only one who was put off by Enid Rollins at Prom? She had the nerve to be superficial about Tad "Blubber" and then have the nerve to be snide about Jessica and Lilas rate the boys thing.
Even Elizabeth and Maria find it is totally okay for Enid and themselves to be superficial about Tad and a few other jocks but it's end of the world for Jessica or any of her friends to judge.

I for one thought tad was sweet, how he was shy around Enid and was making so much courage to talk to her at prom committee

Speaking of prom, why the second big OMG sad prom?
I miss the happy days of before book 101 when things were usually pretty sweet

I am almost done with the series. Took me a whole year, I kind of got out of sync with the books after The Evil Twin.
That arc was so much fun!
Everything else fell flat after.

But I got back into the beat of things.

I'm wondering if I will start Twins next after this.
I have Senior Year but if things are going to continue down this SUPER DEPRESSING path , I might need a rain check on Senior Year!
The books don't look very friendly with the black spines and the schools joining and certain old cast not being mentioned.
Also is that Liz on the first book on Senior Year? She looks majorly angry in an Emo kid way.

Anyway I am going to finish earthquake and cry some more :(
Seriously. I am tearjerky with this one!
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Book 132 Once Upon A Time

While I do enjoy the way the series has gone after the Evil Twin arc and I suppose its because if I remember right, when Evil Twin came out the shift in series books had changed - people liked the more scary and suspenseful books - Baby Sitters Club put in Mystery books, Fear Street was booming with the Sagas and the regular series, Ghosts ofFear Street hit for the younger crowd and so of course Sweet Valley had to kind of make that shift too. Which I like a lot, even though from book 101 and on some of them were hit and miss.
I did love the Sue Gibbons arc and the Death Valley ones. I kind of had to remind myself that these books were trying to rival the trend in those years when I read yet ANOTHER series of "People trying to kill the Wakefields" in the Fashion arc. We have: Evil Twin, the London series, Sue Gibbons, a plastic surgeon, escaped convicts, a deranged vengeful parole breaker, Evil Twins, Violence amongst the students, a random guy at a camp, a Vampire, people who kidnapped Jessica and Lila, deranged magazine writer and book 132, it seems like the people on the train that the twins meet are seeming to be thieves or stalkers?

I don't know yet.  But it is fun. I've been taking more breaks in between the books because all this suspenseful nature makes me want to re-read Fear Street books lol

But anyway, one line that I had to lovingly and respectfully make some fun at was this:

"I have never been to France" say the twins. "We just happened to suffer amesia and totally forgotten the time we spent in France on a Spring Break and had a host go to our house and hit Steven as a deadringer for Trisha! Oh and the time we had a brush with a killer when we were 12 years of age when we ran all around Paris!"

^__^ heehee.
Maybe they had their memories wiped from an event by Chromie the Dragon (World of Warcraft reference! Hehe)
They'd certainly NEED some divine interference, these girls and their friends have made SO Many brushes with death and killers that half of Sweet Valley would be scared to leave their houses and most of the parents wouldn't let their kids out of the house!

But I do like both parts, which I like to refere to as 1-94 the "Regular School Series" and 95-143 the "Mystery and Suspenseful Series"

I do find it really aggravating though that so many times Jessica meets someone then suddenly its "No more" like the Ryder guy in Manhatten, the CEO of the Flair Magazine, the Earl or whoever he was in the London arc.
All of those people she met had the power to pursue the relationship past the end,and I knowww its totally supposed to be "Jessica really never settles down, or keeps a boyfriend" But still!!!! I loved Ryder and "Cameron Smith". They were so sweet! =/

Well, anyway, back to reading =)
I totally love these books ^___^
I've liked these ever since the days of my youth when a friend showed me the books and said "LOOK someone has your name!" and I was like "What?!" and even though Lila was a cheater, I couldn't help but have to like her! (Same-sy name-sy was my thought back then. I was eight years old ^_^ )
(My First Book was Elizabeth's Broken Arm from the KIDS Series)

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Complaining about Elizabeth

Gosh she's such a bitch.
"Miss I am so moralistic but I cheat on Todd every 4 books or so or I act like super butch bitch and give feminism and butch girls a bad name every other book."

I got to book 127
I've been reading this series for a year now.

Margo kind of killed my streak of reading though! So I took a break from the books.

She killed it because nothing felt right after The Evil Twin!

It was so gripping, and edge of my seat in an entertaining way. I really enjoyed the feelings I got from reading those 6.

and I loved her craziness too!

It's almost been a complete year since reading her arc.
But now I'm getting back into the series!

And wishing Margo killed off super bitch Elizabeth.
Elizabeth's antics in the Camp series and now the vampires book

Anyway I gotta run, wish I could type more but My friend is done her appointment early and I was reading this Dance of Death 127 and had to pause to LJ to complain about Elizabwth lol

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Junior high and Senior year

For anyone wanting to get into these, don't

I found the complete Jr high on eBay for 19.99 plus 7.99 shipping
$29 buck?! Hell yes

And I found 75% of the Senior books for 30. Double the hell yes!

But now I say hell no lol

Maybe if this was called Sweet Valley Tweenagers at 9 to 12

And Sweet Valley Hello Freshman Year I could stand it

For one thing in the Junior High everyone looks like a child on the front cover
Yes yes I know. They are children! Buuuut hear me out!
Lila Fowler in The Unicorn Club Lila On The Loose age she appears is 14.
Jessica (I assume that's Jess on the cover) looks 13 or 14.
The boys they are dancing with look 14 (Lila's boy is 15 I thnk in the book)

Every kid on Jr Year looks 12.

Jessica's Secret: SV 42
Jessica the Theif SV 67
Stevens Enemy SV 82

Jess looks way older than any of the Jess's on Jr Year

Senior year the look is freshman
Especially whomever that skinny emo twin is on Cant Stay Away
Looks like blonde Avril Lavigne of 1999

Which is waaaay different than the older look of the girls on Double love

Or Perfect Summer

And oh god "What Jessica Wants" she looks like an old secretary bimbo (why did they make them ugly on the 3rd book cover remakes is beyond me)

Now for added laughs check out The first College cover
They look really older

So how do we get What Jessica Wants aged Jess
To Senior year Jess (I assume that's emo girl on the first cover that is supposed to be Jess)
It's like old young back to old.

I won't spoil anything with the content

But boy do they act immature in Senior Year
I mean my god these are girls who went to London, who worked as interns for countless summers!

Same for Jr High
I especially love Liz and Jess complaining and Jess fighting with Lila and Lacey
Also for bonus points: since when did Mr Fowler know Jessica to the point of "I haven't seen you around Jess. Lila is upstairs"
Lila/Jess fight in "She's back!" Makes me think they are 10 instead of 14
Also the girls in Jr High are supposed to be the same self assured and smart girls who worked at a daycare during Unicorn Club?

I get they were made in the 2000s
I suppose they were dumbed down to meet the Jr and Senior kids of the 2000s
I guessed that since me And my friends in Jr high were baby sitter material
Today's JR high girls are still being babysat for (no lie, my moms day care still watches 5th graders )

Anyway! I would not recommend those 2 book series in the Sweet Valley world.

Heck I might even call Senior Year the Real Jr high year and
Jr high the 5th Grade adventures
That senior grad book seems to fit in better as a graduation to high school book
Especially since Jess is scared to graduate!
In the university books she is all for College

Anyway there's my two cents in those two series

Anyone else feel the same/different?
Your turn! :)

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Margo? Is that you?

Just some funny observations I made in the Sweet Valley series since the Margo mini series
Liz acts so UnLiz like after.
We have the Mini series where Liz suggests Todd stay over (there's half of Margo's plan to make Liz more naughty)
Then Liz starts having feelings for Bruce Patman (hey another Margo plan! Bruce was Margo's choice for a boyfriend for new Liz)
Then to make things a little more skeptical Liz makes out wth Bruce. (Liz! You hate Bruce remember?)
To add more to this , Liz treats Todd meanly in this mini series

Lets go to the whole Werewolf series now
Liz cheats on Todd with Luke
I didn't read the next 2 werewolf books because it was so BORING.

Next we have Sue Gibbons mini series
Liz acts like a freakasaurus over her mistake with Luke
Then flips out at Todd for having the same kind of fling
Then she overhauls the feminazi thing

Okay okay so this is kind of redeeming the old Liz personality
But then we have Liz liking Sue and giving Sue excuses for her excessiveness (hmm. Liz hates people who are fragrantly wealthy. Lila Fowler is hated by Liz but Margo favored Lila and wanted Lila for Liz's new best friend)

Then the cheerleaders mini series
My god Liz is sure sneaky and downright slutty in this one.
Okay okay so she never got over Ken.
But come on, not telling Todd? Granted this happened before Margo ever came to town but still
Liz impersonates Jess. Makes out with Ken
(Margo found Todd boring anyway. Maybe this is Margo Liz getting rid of the Toddster, plus Liz would of just came out and apologized. And not get suckered into being a cheerleader!)

Yes yes I know, ghost writers flubbed up!
But it's quite entertaining to laugh at the Margolike traits this new Liz is showing

I can't wait for Murder in paradise which is my next one I'm reading
Then the Death Valley bit then the College visit.
No wonder we have Return of the Evil Twin next!
With all those crazy Liz personality difference s I bet readers needed reassurance that Margo didn't win all along and it was Liz pushed out the window lol

I'm looking forward to seeing any other eye raising antics from Liz!

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F Regina Morrow

I'm reading Jessica's Secret Diary and I'm so tired/annoyed with hearing about Regina and the poor tragic hero she is.
She's a weakling who died from drugs. That's not a hero.
Meanwhile we've heard the worst about Tricia Martin- she's no good on account of her sister and father
Oh and let's not forget that Tricia lost her mother to death and that's why Betsy is screwed up and drinks-does drugs-parties
And Jessica and everyone else is an asshole to Betsy and Tricia. There's no "poor thing her mother died" for Betsy
But oh fricking no! If you are Regina morrow whose boyfriend breaks up with her and you hang out with losers and do coke, you are a tragic hero.
Ugh. Give me a break. Like having a tragedy of your boyfriend dumping you is the best reason to do coke
I'd accept Betsys reason before Regina and even hers is no excuse either.
Gotta love the Wakefield Girls Double Standards.